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When is Cyber Monday 2022 at ASOS? Does the store offer any special discounts for its customers during the event?

In case you didn’t know, Cyber Monday is a movable event and ASOS usually conforms to the date. This year, it is scheduled for 28 November, so it is not so far away! It has been a tough year, and ASOS has prepared some real discount fireworks to cheer bargain shoppers up. Make sure to follow the shop’s social media and more to get a great deal as soon as the opportunity shows itself.

When do the Cyber Monday promotions start and when do they end at ASOS?

ASOS Cyber Monday is usually a one-day thing, buy preceded by a series of Black Week sales. This means that Monday clearance is the climax of all that will have happened during the entire event period. The Cyber markdown bonanza might get extended from one to a few days, so do not give up if you have missed it. The sale might still be going on a dozen hours later! It will be better, though, to write the date of 28 November in your personal calendar. The shopping showdown is not guaranteed to last for longer than only one day and the competition to get the best bargain will probably be fierce.

The most important information about Cyber Monday sales at ASOS? What should I pay attention to and watch out for?

The most important thing during the ASOS Cyber Monday craze is to make sure that the products in your basket are eligible for a full discount. One part of your success is to find the promo that attracts your attention, but the other is to read terms and conditions. Very often, even when the item is placed in the category that the code is supposed to work on, the discount will not apply because the product is already reduced. Do not get discouraged if that happens - that just means that you will save a little less on your item! If you are determined to use the voucher code, simply relate to the existing terms and conditions and choose something that the coupon applies to.

How much can I save during Cyber Monday at ASOS?

Usually, ASOS markdowns are super-high. There are many categories to save on: clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty. It comes as no surprise that the shop has a lot of very special stock to clear out! In order to engage the customers as much as possible, ASOS will probably offer storewide discounts of up to 60-70%. Half price deals should also be pretty common on the shop website. It is very likely that there will appear a promo code of about extra 15% or 20% off the full price or on top of other reductions. Make sure to check out all discounted categories, just to be certain that no mind-bending deals are escaping you.

What were the highest ASOS Cyber Monday discounts during the previous years?

In 2020, ASOS Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts were high up there. The last mega-sale reached 70% off storewide. The discount codes from previous years varied between 10% and 25%, which is a pretty big difference. Nothing is set in stone, but this year’s coupons are probably going to amount for more or less 15%. Get ready to be blown away by what ASOS has got in store for all of us. It just might happen that seeing all the sale bonanza, you will end up with more amazing items than you have bargained for.

How do I find the best Cyber Monday bargains at ASOS?

There are a couple of ways to approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday at ASOS. First, you should definitely research the phrase in Google or other search engine and see what comes up. Browse the forums, the shop’s social media and so on - maybe something interesting will pop up. Definitely check out the ASOS Black Friday and Cyber Monday subpage because more and more relevant info will be appearing there in the coming days. Even more so, when the shopping event comes, browse through the ASOS homepage and all the product categories for special Cyber Monday banners. Click on them and explore the promotion!

In order to prepare yourself more on the days leading up to the sale, subscribe to ASOS and follow the shop news. Something as big as Cyber Monday is bound to be advertised. Once you make a few predictions about what can or cannot be eligible for a discount, make a shopping plan. Measure your budget and discount expectations to make your haul more disciplined. Do you already know what you wish to buy? If so, finding the best bargains should be easy-peasy.

Can I save money from shopping at ASOS, even after Cyber Monday ends?

Sure, there is a bunch of things that you can do to get your hands on special deals all year round. The key is to keep up with the shop news and updates. Subscribe to ASOS and follow its subpage on the Picodi website. The team is always trying to make your shopping experience a little easier by posting the most attractive and eye-catching bargains on there. With such an assist, you will no longer have to be in the dark about what is up with the latest ASOS sale offers and so on. The Picodi team works tirelessly to deliver the most recent coupons and valid promo codes. Say goodbye to aimlessly surfing the web without any bargain results!

What other similar shops have the best Cyber Monday deals?

You can be sure to enjoy Cyber Monday shopping at ASOS one way or another, but there are a few more cool fashion shops that you can check out as well. Have a good look at eBay collections, the stuff available there is very versatile! Vans is a very interesting and up-to-date fashion store that you must visit. If you’re looking for something cheaper but stylish, view the collections at AliExpress. There is always something worth your time online, so subscribe to Picodi for the perfect fashion discount shortcut.