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1. When is Cyber Monday 2022 at iHerb? Does the store offer any special discounts for its customers during this event?

This year Cyber Monday falls on November 28th. As usual, iHerb will celebrate the event by offering huge discounts on health supplements, nutrition, sports, baby, home and beauty products. Don’t forget to visit!

2. When does the iHerb Cyber Monday 2022 sale start and when does it end?

The Cyber Monday sale events at iHerb will probably begin a week before Black Friday with the official pre-sale and continue until Tuesday after Cyber Monday. Get ready for special promo codes allowing you to save even more during this celebratory period at iHerb.

3. What is the most important information about Cyber Monday sales at iHerb? What should I pay attention to and watch out for?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday will probably be one of the busiest days on iHerb so be prepared for more visitors during this time. More traffic means more customers and in that case, products will sell out quicker than usual. If you’re new to iHerb, make sure to set up an account early in order to avoid any unnecessary formalities before the big sale. Fill in all important details such as shipping address and payment method to speed up the shopping process for future orders. If you really want to be prepared, create a list of favourite products on iHerb. It will surely come in handy before Cyber Monday.

4. What discounts can you expect during the iHerb Cyber Monday 2022 sale?

As predicted, this year’s Cyber Monday discounts at iHerb will be as exciting as in previous years. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Get ready for discounts ranging from 10% till even 50% off on a wide selection of products. iHerb likes celebrating with a bang so expect an exclusive promo code offering 10% to up to 20% off all orders made during this period. If you’re a fan of massive discounts, don’t forget to visit the Daily Deals section on the iHerb website where reductions reach up to 20% off top-selling brands like Eucerin, California Gold Nutrition, Nature’s Way, Lake Avenue Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, Weleda or Now Foods.

5. What were the biggest iHerb Cyber Monday discounts in previous years?

Last year, iHerb kicked off the Black Friday/Cyber Monday celebrations a week early with the official pre-sale offering the promo code and an 11% discount on various products. On Black Friday, iHerb released the new promo code offering the same discount and the promotion was valid until Cyber Monday. Apart from that, iHerb will surely release more deals on Supplements, Nutrition, Sports, Beauty, Pets and Grocery products. You can expect markdowns between 10% and 25% off on mentioned categories.

6. How do I find the best Cyber Monday bargains at iHerb?

The easiest way to find the most attractive bargains at iHerb is to visit the official website. You can do it quite often as you like because some deals might be available for a limited time. Be curious and you will not miss anything! However, if you’re planning to be on the go, make sure to download the iHerb mobile app to discover the latest deals in just a few clicks. The app is available at the AppStore and the Google Play store. Another thing that will bring you closer to irresistible deals on iHerb is the official newsletter. Fill in your email address at the bottom of the website and you’ll receive great promo offers straight to your inbox. Feel free to visit iHerb’s social networking sites during November sales to unlock surprising competitions, discounts prepared for loyal fans. Follow profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date. It will also not hurt to find trusted coupon websites such as Picodi where you might find exclusive promo codes and other great deals. Additionally, you can use the search engine that will help you uncover the latest Cyber Monday promotions that are happening on the iHerb website.

7. Can I save money when shopping at iHerb, even when Cyber Monday ends?

Yes, of course! You don’t have to try very hard to discover amazing deals on iHerb. Visit the Daily Deals section to discover the latest Brands of the Week and save 10% off any purchased product. Depending on the week, iHerb often offers markdowns varying from 30% to 50% off on selected items, so make sure to visit the website regularly. If you like to try products before anyone else, then you might enjoy checking out the Trial Pricing section and save 40%-50% off trial products by top beauty and supplements brands sold on the iHerb website. What’s more, iHerb likes to celebrate global and local events such as Ramadan, Eid, 11.11, Women’s Day, New Year, so great deals and coupons are always up for grabs. If you’re a loyal fan, then you probably are familiar with the iHerb Rewards Programme. The rules are very simple to follow.

  1. Share your favourite products with friends
  2. They will receive a 5% discount
  3. You will get a $5 Rewards Credit for their orders
  4. Use your Rewards Credit for future purchases from iHerb

8. What other similar shops have the best Cyber Monday deals?

If you are looking for great deals on supplements, sports nutrition or personal care products, then you don’t want to miss Cyber Monday deals at Amazon or Gosupps. However, if you want to save a bundle on makeup and beauty products, then head over to Lookfantastic, Feel Unique or Bath and Body Works. Still wondering what products to get during sale? Visit the Cyber Monday Global website featuring carefully selected Cyber Monday Saudi Arabia promos.