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When is Cyber Monday 2020 at Expedia? Does the store offer any special discounts for its customers during the event?

Cyber Monday is the perfect time to save not only on fashion, beauty finds, tech, homewares, but also on travels! Expedia always takes part in this online shopping event, which kicks off on the 30th of November this year. Thanks to a wide range of exclusive discounts, Expedia’s customers will be able to save on flights, hotels or holiday packages. Read on and get ready for a savings marathon - Cyber Monday comes right after Black Friday and Black Weekend craze, so you will have lots of opportunities to snatch the best deals!

When do the Cyber Monday’s promotions start and when do they end on Expedia?

Usually, the Cyber Monday sale lasts only for a day, and that is usually the case at Expedia, as well. Some stores prolong their Cyber Monday offers for an extra day or two, but it’s not likely for Expedia to do so this year. Gather strengths and make the most of the Monday offers. You can save on everything, from flights to adventure packages, so don’t let those bargains pass you by! Remember to turn on any notifications you can - sometimes, online stores come up with short flash sales, lasting for no more than a few hours. It’s hard to say whether Expedia decides to do so, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

The most important information about Cyber Monday sales at Expedia? What should I pay attention to and watch out for?

As Cyber Monday comes right after Black Friday, sometimes it is hard to draw a line between these events. However, it’s good to keep up to date with the available discounts, as Cyber Monday offers at Expedia are often much more attractive than those available on Black Friday or Black Weekend! You can say that Cyber Monday is the cherry on top of all the November promotions.

Naturally, there is also a flip side to this coin. As the Cyber Monday offers are so attractive and the interest is immense, the best deals sell out quickly. If you see a great bargain or a discount on a holiday package you had your eyes on, don’t hesitate to get it as soon as you can.

How much can I save during Cyber Monday at Expedia?

Each year, Expedia comes with different Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, which is why it’s not easy to predict how big discounts can get this year. The offers will surely cover hotels and holiday packages. You will probably also be able to save on flights. Expedia doesn’t have one Black Friday/Cyber Monday pattern. Instead, they are coming up with different offers each year. You could either enjoy one sitewide sale, saving up to 50% off selected accommodation options or browse a few deals on various categories. Whatever will be on a table this year, you will not be disappointed!

What were the highest Expedia Cyber Monday discounts during the previous years?

Last year, Expedia’s customers could choose from a wide variety of promotions available on Cyber Monday. Those who downloaded the app were offered coupons reducing the cost of select flights by $200 and the price of selected hotels by up to 95%! Regardless of the used device, Expedia’s fans could also save 10-20% off the most popular accommodation, 25% off Things To Do, and $100 off selected holiday packages. There was plenty to choose from!

In 2018, Expedia merged its Black Friday offer with Cyber Monday, offering customers a 50% discount on a wide array of hotels around the world. As mentioned above, Expedia does not follow any pattern, you can expect everything!

How do I find the best Cyber Monday bargains in Expedia?

There are a few options that will help you stay on top of things, discount-wise. You can start by creating an account at Expedia. That way, you will get early access to exclusive promotions, flash deals or the biggest sales, such as Cyber Monday. You can also download the app, which comes in handy not only during Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze but all year round. Follow Expedia on Facebook as well - if you change your settings so that Expedia appears at the very top, you will not miss any significant offer!

If you don’t feel like doing any of the above, focus on searching for Cyber Monday deals on coupon code sites, such as Picodi. Add our website to bookmarks and sign up for the newsletter to get notified as soon as the sales start.

Can I save money when shopping at Expedia, even after Cyber Monday ends?

Sure! Expedia is a world-leading brand, known for the most attractive deals on flights, holiday packages and lowest prices of accommodation. Besides regular offers available on the landing page, you can find a wide range of coupons and discounts valid on selected hotels or destinations. Expedia always takes part in the biggest worldwide sales: Easter, Christmas, Boxing Day, End of Financial Year Sale, and lots more. Sometimes they are running their own Flash Sales, reducing prices on selected places or flights by up to 50%. App users can always count on special discounts and coupons as well.

What other similar shops have the best Cyber Monday deals?

Travelling can be expensive - cut costs where you can! If you are looking for ways to save money on accommodation, check out the Cyber Monday deals at or Both of the websites are known for the immense number of deals on hotels, hostels, and apartments worldwide. If you already know what flights you are interested in, book them with great discounts at Qatar Airways or Etihad. If, instead of flying overseas, you are planning to hit the road or camp in the woods, get all the equipment you need at Amazon. Don’t forget to check out the deals at eBay as well - they’ll allow you to save on everything, from swimsuits, activewear, big-name tech to camping gear and lots more.